Winter ’20 Release Notes

Winter '20 Release Logo

Another release hit the rest of instances over the weekend, so it is finally time to find out what is new and great. Also this should be the first southern hemisphere friendly release, which shows summer related logo in winter.

Turn On Lightning Experience not longer scheduled for Winter release. We have time to January.

In-App guidance now allow to disable Salesforce build-in messages and testing prompts you created.

Recycle bin is available as a tab in Lighting Experience. I would never believe that this would take so long and that people would be so happy to see it, as this new feature is probably in every list of new features I saw across the internet. So it cannot be exception here.

Another “finally” things is, that topics display records, which has them assigned. We implemented topics in one organization a while ago and were really waiting for this thing.

Printable list views. In Summer we got the ability to print records, now we can print list views. It always was the quickest way how to export the data to Excel (just copy and paste) and looks like we can do it again. Awesome! Available on most objects, but not all of them.

Navigate directly to an app – you can create an URL, which will open the right app, just add the app name to URL (/lightning/app/standard__LightningSales/o/Case/home).

Search Box with Enhanced Instant Results is in beta but looks super cool. You need the Einstein Search permission set license to use it.

Search box with Enhanced Instant Results

It looks like Einstein Analytics goes directly into Salesforce, as you can use Conversational Search (beta) and just type things like “my opportunities this month” to get kind of “report” with the data you need.

Profile specific Search layouts is the next thing in beta, when reading it I realized that I customized this thing maybe twice in my life.

A tons of changes to surveys, looks like Salesforce is serious about them after a few releases and once they gave them for free (till some amount). Skip welcome page, detailed insights, support in process builder and a few more.

Probably as a reply to the permissiongedon a few months back you can now specify security contacts for your org, whom will Salesforce contact in case of any incidents.

Dialogs no longer block you from work in console app, you can freely switch to another record even when you have some dialog opened.

New Salesforce Mobile App. I had a preview for a while and it opens a new world of customization. You can tweak any Lightning Page for mobile device (means simplify or change order of components) and use any Lightning app (means access to only some objects and not all of them as before). The navigation bar always contain the first tab in the Lightning app they use, no way to customize Favorite, Search and Notification. Actions were moved to top and it shows the first three actions from page layout (one less from previous version). On iOS you can press and hold the navigation bar to “expand” to sides and you can scroll through all of them. And for extra costs you can buy Mobile Application Management to secure your app.

New navigation in Salesforce Mobile App

Notification Delivery Settings looks promising, I’m just surprised that it is in the Setup menu and not personalised.

Notification Delivery Settings

Opportunity Contact Roles can be customised for better insights into your business. This sounds like small but important change which will extend the standard Opportunity Splits, which were used for something similar for internal team. The same applies to Account Team.

Customisation of Opportunity Contact Roles

Sorting of Quote/Opportunity Lines is another small tweak, which some organisations might really appreciate. You can also enable that quantity is 1 by default and save some time when inserting products into opp.

You can easily attach a files related to record to an email. Sounds like one of the best and important new features so far 🙂

Attach related files to email

Pasting images, adding tables and setting default font is another great thing. And from Summer Salesforce plans to support UTF-8 email addresses. Don’t think anyone use them, but great to see anyway. Plus easier way to search for the right contact you wanted to put in the email as well, responsive templates due to support of head, meta, title and style HTML tags.

Activities grouped by month looks like a small but nice change. And you can interact with the old ones. Plus infinite scrolling, so you don’t have to click on anything.

Grouping activities by month

Pardot Engagement History Dashboard in Sales Cloud Account record.

Pardot Engagement History Dashboard

Secondary Routing Priority in Omni-Channel should help push the super urgent cases to the top even though they were moved through different queues several times. Curious when we’ll get Triple Routing Priority. And if you have the (new) Digital Engagement add-on you can use Omni-Channel in Sales Cloud as well.

Unread/Read on Compact Case Feed will show the unread feed items in bold. You need to contact support to enable it.

Reports got some great new features as well – row-level formulas, so we don’t need to create formula field on objects just to do some calculations and you can filter, group and sort based on them; filter reports using field-to-field comparison is in beta and has to be enabled, but it means another formula field less. Count of unique values means that we don’t have to use PowerOfOne anymore (still in beta and has to be enabled).

Enhanced reports

Salesforce also enforce a new security update, which doesn’t allow self-registration of users in community using standard profiles. Also guest users no longer own records they created, it is possible to hide private information about other users and use sharing rules to share records with guest user and you can also share files related to records they have access to.

Manufacturing Cloud is a new cloud, which looks like awesome extension of partner portal with Sales Agreements and Agreement Terms, tracking of actual sales through orders and contracts, with special community template and account based forecasting.

Manufacturing Cloud

Consumer Goods Cloud is a new cloud for chains. Stores, In-Stores, visits, inventory audits, order capture, promotion campaigns, Einstein Object Detection, integration with maps. Well, this sounds awesome. And not a single screen in release notes 🙁

Financial Cloud looks better and better as well, with a new portal for independent agents, flow improvements, life events, contextual actions. I wonder whether it has something to do with the almost lost client as Benioff describes in his book and how versatile the whole cloud is, whether it can be used in Czech Republic as well. Because it really looks not just cool but powerful.

Financial Cloud improvements

Schedule a flow to run at specific time. They really go the click-not-code approach, there is just limit of 250 000 records which can be processed in 24hours. Auto creating of output variables is also great and will save a lot of clicks. And conditional visibility is super awesome. And Activate button right in the Flow Designer is the best feature of this release (to me).

Schedule Flow

Another super important update is, that when you change a layout (page layout, compact layout, lightning page) on custom objects, it will display the updated layout after 15 minutes when you reload the page (with the exception of lightning page where you see the change immediately) and other users won’t see it for an hour. Logout and login again to see changes immediately.

Lightning Message Service might be useful for developers who want to communicate across Visualforce pages, Aura and LWC.

Lightning Components can only access public APEX methods in the same package. I wonder what will happen to my hack with DocuSign Gen. Hopefully they defined it as global.

Aura ui components are scheduled to retire in Summer 21, sounds like I have year and half to redo all those old things 🙁

Callouts are excluded from long-running request limit, no more wondering whether they will make it in 5 seconds.

Custom Metadata Types access permissions – now you can specify per profile and per metadata, which they can access.

Second-Generation Packaging generally available. Anyone already use it?

recalculateFormulas APEX method that update all formula fields on the input sObjects.

Improved integration between Quip and Salesforce – link Quip documents to Salesforce records, see them in Mobile app, log a call from Quip, insert reports to Quip, open related record from Quip and such things.

Other sources besides the long release notes:

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Salesforce, Google, mobile and SSO

Set up SSO (Single Sign-On) between Google and Salesforce, so users can use their Google logins, is super easy and well covered in the help plus updated registration handler from Dan Fowlie.

It works great. On desktop. It fails in mobile app with a message Error: disallowed_useragent. There is even known issue for Inbox Mobile.

Error: disallowed_useragent

The solution is pretty simple at the end, but not intuitive at all.

First of all, you need to enable the „Use the native browser for user authentication on iOS“ setting in your My Domain configuration. (the same probably applies to the Android setting, but I don’t have Android to test it)

My Domain configuration update

Second step is more tricky and you need cooperation from your users. When they add a new account to Salesforce mobile app, they cannot click on the „Use Custom Domain“ link, but rather click on the wheel in top right corner (Select connection) and click the plus icon to add a new one.

Login screen in Salesforce Mobile - see the wheel in top right corner

Fill in your domain name plus, name as you wish and save. Then get back to the list of connections, choose the new one and you should be good to go.

Salesforce Mobile add new connection

I’m not aware of any way how to deploy this new connection to your users automatically, that manual steps has to be done.

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Trailblazer, Marc Benioff with Monica Langley

I read Marc’s first book almost exactly 3 years ago, way after he published it. I loved it at that time and I considered it the best book about management, sales and marketing I read in a while.

Trailblazer, Marc Benioff with Monica Langley

His second book will be published in two weeks time and I – as an Salesforce MVP – got preview version before the official day. And I loved it again, this time for other reasons.

The book is mostly about Salesforce philosophy, the whole community thing, which shows how important it is for Salesforce. And it is also this thing, which is hard to understand to those, who didn’t experienced it. Why would you care about some values, philosophy, community? It is just SaaS afterall, or – if you are super brave or stupid – just some licences, on top of which we’ll deliver our own great solution. I love it so much that I decided to pass it forward around Czech community – read the end if you are interested in reading it as well.

Interesting things:

  • he turn their basement into his own private residence (at the age of 12);
  • his grand dad was behind the BART construction, he pushed for it not just because it is great way how to transport people, but it will also give them access to better job opportunities;
  • the was established during one service interruption, when they realised that competitors pays their own access just to monitor them, so it is better to inform customer openly about problems;
  • how they mostly lost Merrill Lynch as a customer and his own personal finance adviser from this bank had to warn him, because they didn’t see the problem themselves. How they found out that interview people what are the problems isn’t the way how to find them. That simplify and automate things might not be the best use of time, because they just don’t see the big problems. That even to their army of engineers it would take a year to make customer happy again. And the Merrill was their first really big customer, whom they got after 7 years of existence and about 3 years on stock exchange;
  • in 2015 they found out that AI is the future and those who don’t have it don’t exist anymore;
  • I always thought that he invented the first AppStore and then gave the trademark to Steve Jobs, but Steve gave him the idea and he really put it together;
  • Einstein Forecasting came out as a need, because their own forecasting was always way off. Which isn’t good for publicly trade company 🙂
  • pay gap surprised me – they had just 6 % of employees who needed their salaries adjusted. And it was such a big topic, which costs them $3 000 000 and just wonder how much they paid for the audit;
  • unconscious bias (there is a Trailhead for it) when you should treat everyone the same (and I realised I hug some people and shake hands with other, of course not in such formal situation) and how WIT groups doesn’t want to be women only (say women), because they still feel singled out (the other way around);
  • all the politics we aren’t used to (at least I feel) – families separation at Mexican border, LGBTQ law, homeless support, school support, extra tax for big companies;
  • that more than 88 % of SF employees give back, that they have 7 days of paid volunteering annually and they match donation to whatever cause the choose;
  • V2MOM – I never really got this thing as I’m probably not good in planning and just let things happen. But by reading the book I realised I would probably ask every NGO I help to with implementation to put one together, so we all understand why they want to implement Salesforce and how it should help. I feel that time to time we lost this sight and aren’t sure what the implementation should brought;
  • how they realised they probably want to know for what reason their customers use Salesforce to „prohibit“ use which isn’t in line with their values. They already do it for .ORG customers, so it won’t surprise me, but still – who can say goodbye to potential/existing customer just because they don’t operate in line with your own values. Tough decision.

Every CEO has to perform a delicate dance between two priorities: trust and growth.

It really surprised me, that when they wanted to buy Twitter and their stocks started to tank, it was a (one of) signal to call it off. He admit the price wasn’t the primary reason which made him change his mind, but it surprise me it was even there.

You’re not spending enough money on innovation, said Richard Socher, how can you call innovatin a core value?

Answer: we seek innovations everywhere, it isn’t just about R&D.

The best teams play together like a family who trust one another to have their back.

aka it isn’t just only about having the best, they need to work together and support each other.

Laughter is good for thinking because when people laugh, it is easier for them to admit new ideas to their mind.

Dalai Lama

That’s the reason why they have Astro and the rest of the gang. And how Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, didn’t understand why they are part of company presentation and once she realised she all lit up with her memories.


Chceš si tu knížku přečíst také? Rozhodl jsem se ji poslat do oběhu – napiš do komentářů a až na tebe přijde řada, tak se dohodneme, jak si ji předáme. Zkus ji přečíst jak rychle to půjde, ideálně za týden či dva (je to relativně rychlé čtení), do knížky podtrhávej/lep lepíky, ať ostatní vidí, co tě zaujalo. Až dočteš tak mi dej vědět, pošleme ji dalšímu. Pokud vytipuješ někoho, kdo by si ji určitě měl/chtěl přečíst, tak dej vědět, možná mu ji budeš moci rovnou předat. A pokud to celé zakončíš zase komentářem tady s pár věcmi, co tě opravdu zaujaly, tak budu moc rád.

Jdeš do toho?

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Email kampaně

Rozesíláte emaily, Salesforce vám nestačí, na Pardot/Marketing Cloud nemáte, MailChimp ani SmartEmailing se vám nelíbí. Naštěstí jsou tady ještě EmailKampaně a jejich doplněk do Salesforce.

Vyvinula ho společnost Sprinx Consulting a z toho co jsem viděl je to povedené řešení. Už proto, že uživatele nežene ven ze Salesforce, ale celou tu záležitost zvládnou přímo v něm.

V době kdy jsme začínali s implementací platformy Salesforce jsme naráželi na limity Salesforce při rozesílání větších emailových kampaní. Na jedné straně to bylo to, že bylo možno odeslat pouze 1000 mailů za 24 hodin a to se ještě muselo rozsekat na menší bloky po 250 nebo 500 emailech. Na straně druhé to bylo i to, že bylo nutné nějak rozumně vyřešit odhlášení z mailingu.

Instalace doplňku z adresy poskytnuté společností Sprinx a pak už jenom propojení s vaším účtem na EmailKampaně. Základní nastavení (odesílatel, zadání klíče pro Google Maps ať víte kde jsou odběratelé, naplánování synchronizace, namapování polí).

Mapování polí

Pokud se mi něco opravdu líbilo tak to byl editor. Jednak už přijde s připravenými šablonami (jako MailChimp) a pak si snadno nadefinujete vlastní. Ten editor umí opravdu hodně věcí a měl jsem pocit takové snadnosti, že by to opravdu měl pochopit každý. Slučovací pole, formátování, všechny ty samozřejmosti tam samozřejmě jsou.



V podstatě největší nevýhoda rozesílky ze Salesforce – netušíte moc o otevřeních a dalších sexy číslech, které marketéři sledují.


Tento doplněk je všechny má – kdo, kdy, kolikrát, odkud, heatmapa emailu na co se klikalo. Plus to celé je možné použít k segmentaci pro další rozesílku.

Heatmapa emailu

Jaké jsou hlavní přednosti doplňku Sprinx Email Campaigns?

  • plně automatizované e-mailové kampaně
  • velký výběr šablon
  • personalizovaný a generovaný obsah
  • detailní statistiky
  • plně formátované HTML emaily
  • možnost rozesílat přílohy
  • tvorba šablony na míru
  • automatické propisování o odhlášení
  • automatické stahování statistik

Kam dál

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Salesforce Women in Tech startuje v Praze

Tento rok se s community groupami okolo Salesforce roztrhl v Praze pytel.

Salesforce Prague Community Groups

K developerské, kterou vede Aleš Jeník a celé to před lety nastartovala, a administrátorské, kterou vedu já s Alčou Neradovou, přibyla B2C marketéři pod vedením Zdeňka Pejcela, která se bude scházet pravidelně každé 3 měsíce, B2B marketéři pod vedením Ivanny Gladysh-Mirkovské, kde plánují první setkání na konec září, non profit pod vedením Zdeňka Strusky, který to chce rozjet od nového roku, je tady i WIT skupina, která vykopává první schůzku 25. září a má ambiciózní plány.

První setkání 25. září

Představíme vám novou skupinu Women in Tech, kam má namířeno a v čem vám může pomoci. Během setkání se dozvíte o novém běhu kurzu pro ženy, které chtějí svou kariéru rozjet v IT a Salesforce, od administrace přes HR k analýze, protože IT není jen o kódování! Připojte se k intro networkingu a dozvíte se více 🙂

Víno a snack samozřejmostí.


– představení žen, které pracují v Salesforce
– mise a cíl skupiny Women in Tech Czech Republic
– cyklus kurzů pro ženy v Salesforce
– networking

Slyšel jsem, že na první setkání vytipovaliy spoustu žen, které v ČR se Salesforce pracují, tak uvidíme, kolik jich oficiálně představí a s kolika se seznámíte při networkingu.

Prvním setkáním to nekončí, spíš začíná. Další plán je 8 týdenní kurz základů administrace Salesforce, který pojede každou středu večer a ženy (protože chlapi nejsou vítáni, což je trochu rozdíl oproti zahraničním WIT akcím) naučí jak si připravit instanci, jak spravovat uživatele, základy zabezpečení, jak si upravit objekty a pole až po reporty a automatizaci.

Po 8 týdnech by tak ženy měly mít základy, které asi nejsou dost na udělání certifikace, ale určitě by jim měly ukázat, zda to je směr, kterým se chtějí vydat, nebo práce, kterou dělat nechtějí.

Jdete do toho?

Pokud jste žena, kterou Salesforce zajímá nebo která o něm nikdy neslyšela, ale baví ji povídat si s lidmi, zjišťovat jejich potřeby, možná někdy slyšela zkratku CRM, dovede si představit jak mohou firmy zlepšit vztahy se zákazníky a třeba v budoucnu uvažuješ o tom, že bys jim s tím chtěla pomoci, tohle může být cesta, kterou se vydat.

Salesforce je firma, která má za cíl rovnoprávnost, firma, kde ženy mají stejný plat jako muži, firma, na jejíž akcích je typicky poměr žen a mužů 50:50. Firma, pro kterou je důvěra a komunita zásadní, která mezi ročně výrazně roste a která chce měnit svět. Nejen svět IT.


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